Self-biased Circulators & Isolators with significant reduction in size & weight

Self-Biased Circulators and Isolators Smaller At Ka band, the biasing magnet of traditional circulators and isolators attributes to 90% of the component size and this problem is augmented as you move…


Dow-Key® releases R521 high performance switch

Dow-Key® releases R521 high performance switch to The Reliant Switch™ product series – Your ATE Solution


New Coaxial Switch with extended life-time

Repeatability between port-to-port testing and repeated tests across different DUTs is critical; making that the life of a RF switch and its reliability imperative.


Flann Microwave refreshes online presence with new web-site

Flann Microwave Ltd, the industry leader in passive waveguide components, launched its new website.


Surface Mount Couplers and Wilkinson Power Dividers from DLI

4-18GHz Couplers and 2-18GHz Dividers


New supplier. Berex is an innovative manufacturer of MMIC components and transistors.

Main frequency for MMIC components are up to 4GHz and up to 26.5GHz for transistors.


Filter solutions for 3G, LTE/4G

K&L Microwave 3G, LTE/4G filter solutions for Intermodulation and Triple Beat Testing


New supplier of Isolators and Circulators

GSET provide leadership in the design, development and manufacture of microwave ferrite components covering frequencies from 100MHz to 100GHz.


Megaphase App for coaxial cables

Megaphase new App. makes it easy and fast to configure the coaxial cable you need…


New supplier. The premier source for coaxial lightning protection & high current DC filters

NexTek was founded in 1986 to supply EMI/EMC solutions to the electronics industry. Serving the communications, aviation, computer, military, and medical electronic industries, NexTek's goal is…