DAS Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna Systems are a relatively broad concept and many variants occur with varying complexity. Many different communication standards and frequencies are used.
The aim is always to create the best possible coverage and level of service for users of mobile communication systems. Antenna systems are available both indoors (iDAS) and outdoors (oDAS) and are sometimes divided into Passive and Active systems.

Passive systems are obviously built up with passive components as a distribution network to create the best possible coverage, in active systems there are also components such as Repeaters and Boosters strategically placed in the passive distribution network. To reduce losses found in coaxial cables and utilize existing infrastructure, RF to Fiber converters are often used. Existing fiber networks can then be used instead of coaxial cables.

Whether you work on maintaining, developing or planning and installing DAS, you can get great benefits from the components, instruments and tools Amtele can offer for different types of antenna systems.
In terms of DAS components, our main focus is on Passive Components such as Duplexers, Splitters, Attenuators, Tappers and RF Patch Cables.

Common Junction Point with Attenuator Trays
Combines multiple BTS types with a multiple radio access technology (RAT) onto a single DAS system. Contains Duplexers and Attenuators for Downlink/Uplink level adjustment and power meter/limiter to control the input power level and also Couplers and Loads to accurately Terminate RF interfaces.

Fiber Headend Equipment
At the head end of the DAS, the main hub digitizes the RF signal coming from the different service providers and then distributes via a high-bandwidth fiber optic network.

Digitizing the signal on the fiber allows the signal to be transported over much longer distances with minimal losses as opposed to passive DAS.

While Combiners and Couplers are mainly used in Junction Points and Trays the Tappers and Splitters are used in the Access Point distribution.

Fiber Cables are obviously used for distribution between the Fiber Headend and the Access points. RF Cables are used in Junction Points and Trays but also in the Access Point RF distribution.

Amtele offers RF to Fiber converters that cover frequency bands up to 6 GHz and higher, these are broadband and completely independent of protocol and standard. We also have Fiber cable Patch and Multiport cabling as well as accessories and tools.


Contact us to discuss Price, Performance and Future Assurance (new standards - higher frequencies) for your DAS components. We also have all the necessary instruments and tools for verification, validation and commissioning of Antenna systems.