RFoF - 6.0 GHz 

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Tomi Kivilahti

I work as a sales engineer with components and instruments spanning DC-500GHz, towards our customers in Finland and Baltics. I am located at our sales office in Vantaa, Finland.

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Morgan Hjelm

I work with sales to our Swedish customers north of Linköping, and towards our customers in Norway. I am also managing our sales of military systems.

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Håkan Nilsson

I work with sales to our Swedish customers south of Linköping. I am also taking care of sales towards our customers in Denmark. I am located at our sales office in Gothenburg.

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RFoF 6.0 GHz 

RFoF - 6.0 GHz 

RFOptic's palm size analog RFoF modules are used to convert RF signals to optical signals to carry over long distances. The Tx unit using an optical transmitter, converts RF to Optical signal and the Rx unit converts back to RF signal. The two units are connected through customer’s single mode fiber.

RFoF 6.0 GHz 

FeaturesRFoF 6.0 GHz 

• Next Generation RFoF modules with significant performances improvement.
•  Supports up to 6.0 GHz.
•  Better linearity, excellent gain flatness, and Tx, Rx and Link gain control.
•  Noise Figure down to 6 dB with LNA with MDS ~168 dB/Hz for very low incoming signals.
•  Internal microcontroller and Optical control enabled by Software.
•  End-to-end Diagnostics reduces installation and maintenance time, enabled by Software.
•  Gain variation S21(fo) of ±1 dB for 90 °C variation, utilizing special algorithm.
•  Remote Management by GUI installed on PC.
•  Impedances of 50 Ohms and 75 Ohm.

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