RFoF - 15 GHz

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Tomi Kivilahti

I work as a sales engineer with components and instruments spanning DC-500GHz, towards our customers in Finland and Baltics. I am located at our sales office in Vantaa, Finland.

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Morgan Hjelm

I work with sales to our Swedish customers north of Linköping, and towards our customers in Norway. I am also managing our sales of military systems.

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Håkan Nilsson

I work with sales to our Swedish customers south of Linköping. I am also taking care of sales towards our customers in Denmark. I am located at our sales office in Gothenburg.

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RFoF - 15GHz

RFoF - 15 GHz

RFOptic 15GHz RF over Fiber Unidirectional or bidirectional RFoF Tx/Rx modules covering up to 15GHz frequency range provided in 1U enclosures.

RFoF - 15GHz 

RFOptic’s RF over Fiber – 15GHz compact modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back. The Tx unit using an optical transmitter converts RF to Optical signal, and the Rx unit converts Optical to RF signal. The two units are connected by the customer’s fiber.

Broadcasters can easily distribute their full RF streams over fiber to remote locations, therefore eliminating the need for complex equipment to be installed in far and hard to reach locations. With our wide-band units, cable operators can centrally locate their broadcasting equipment, and connect the RF through fiber to the remote location, thus reducing significantly the CAPEX and OPEX of their networks.


• Frequency Range: 0.1-15 GHz
• Best Cost Performance
• High P1dB>15dBm
• Communications:
• Excellent Gain Flatness
• Excellent Phase Noise

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