MegaForm™ Conformable Cables

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Tomi Kivilahti

I work as a sales engineer with components and instruments spanning DC-500GHz, towards our customers in Finland and Baltics. I am located at our sales office in Vantaa, Finland.

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Morgan Hjelm

I work with sales to our Swedish customers north of Linköping, and towards our customers in Norway. I am also managing our sales of military systems.

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Håkan Nilsson

I work with sales to our Swedish customers south of Linköping. I am also taking care of sales towards our customers in Denmark. I am located at our sales office in Gothenburg.

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MegaForm™ Conformable Cables

CC series cable is an alternative to semi-rigid cables. These cable assemblies can be hand formed in-place and eliminate the cost of design and drawings which semi-rigid cables would require. Applications include cabinet interconnects, systems integration and "on the fly" bending.

Hand-formable Jumper Cables

Maximum Frequency: CC086: 40.0 GHz CC141: 26.5 GHz

  • Impedance: 50 Ω nominal
  • Propagation Velocity: 69.5% nominal
  • Time Delay: 1.46 ns/ft (4.79 ns/m) Shielding Effectiveness: -110 dB minimum (cable only) Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: CC086: 1.5 kV at 60 Hz CC141: 1.9 kV at 60 Hz
  • Capacitance: 29.5 pF/ft ( 96.8 pF/m)
  • Mechanical Data Finished Outer Diameter: CC086: 0.085 in (0.216 cm) CC141: 0.139 in (0.353 cm)
  • Static Bend Radius: CC086: 0.25 in (0.635 cm) CC141: 0.43 in (1.092 cm)
  • Weight with Standard Jacket/Armor: CC086: 0.01 lbs/ft (0.018 kg/m) CC141: 0.02 lbs/ft (0.030 kg/m) Operating Temp. Range: -85 to 392° F (-65 to 200° C)