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Tomi Kivilahti

I work as a sales engineer with components and instruments spanning DC-500GHz, towards our customers in Finland and Baltics. I am located at our sales office in Vantaa, Finland.

+358 9 727 30070


Morgan Hjelm

I work with sales to our Swedish customers north of Linköping, and towards our customers in Norway. I am also managing our sales of military systems.

+46 8 556 466 16


Håkan Nilsson

I work with sales to our Swedish customers south of Linköping. I am also taking care of sales towards our customers in Denmark. I am located at our sales office in Gothenburg.

+46 8 556 466 14


Joachim Hauser

I work with sales towards our Swedish and Norwegian customers for our entire product range within fiber & network testing as well as synchronization equipment.

+46 8 556 466 02


Access to information is critical. Rockwell Collins industry-leading display technology for aircraft, ground vehicles and soldiers provide the enhanced situational awareness required for mission success.

Cabin Displays
Rockwell Collins cabin displays provide passengers exceptional readability and image quality for their entertainment and information needs. Our lightweight, energy-efficient displays are available in 15-, 17- and 21.3-inch models to provide you maximum flexibility for cabin configurations.

Ground Vehicle Displays
Whether on the battlefield or in the public safety sector, situational awareness is critical. That’s why we’re constantly evolving our display technologies to meet your mission requirements – and deliver the value you’ve come to expect. Our highly ruggedized solutions improve your understanding of your environment and feature advancements in size, weight, power and cost. The result – innovative situational awareness and networking technologies that keep you connected.

Head Down Displays (HDD)
Your flight deck display is critical to safely and efficiently operating your aircraft. As a recognized leader in the development and production of advanced multifunction displays, we offer a full range of sizes and configurations for forward-fit or retrofit applications.

Our full-color-graphics video and night vision- and sunlight-compatible displays expand the capability and utility of your flight deck. We incorporate industrial grade, commercial off-the-shelf technology components and designs to ensure your solution is not only feature rich but affordable, too. These highly reliable displays are flying on a majority of the world’s commercial and military aircraft fleets.

Head-up Displays (HUD)
Our Head-up Guidance Systems (HGS™) present flight information in the pilot’s forward field of view, eliminating the need to continually transition from head-down instruments to head-up, out-the window view during critical phases of flight. Our HGS is designed to a higher standard, providing industry-leading technology, integrity and reliability. Many of the world’s premier airlines, business and regional operators, military tanker/transports and flight training companies rely on HGS precision flight path guidance and energy management to ensure mission success.

Optical Bonding

For more than 30 years, Rockwell Collins military and aviation clients have demanded superior displays that will perform 70,000 feet in the air or in the heat of battle. Rugged design. High optical clarity. Sunlight readability. Quick, reliable manufacturing. All backed by more than 150 dedicated display center professionals.

Now this technology is available to new markets, offering proven, industry-leading manufacturing quality and turnaround times for applications ranging from ATMs and cell phones to large-scale 3-D displays and rugged mobile computers.

At the core of this superior performance is our patented, environmentally friendly, production-proven optical bonding technology – Direct Dry Film™ – which outperforms optical liquid bonding. Features include:

  • Superior bond strength for the life of the display, with no delamination
  • Rugged, damage-resistant properties in extreme environments
  • Perfect for custom, multilayer applications
  • Material type compatibility: glass, plastics, films and adhesives
  • Material thickness compatibility: .05 mm to 40 mm
  • No optical degradations due to environmental exposure (solar, temperature and humidity)
  • No limit on diagonal size
  • Allows precise alignment of substrates
  • 100 percent reworkable
  • Environmentally green, free of hazardous liquid solvents

Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD)
In the battlespace, situational awareness is critical. We provide the tools you need to be effective in every mission and continually evolve our display technologies to meet your mission requirements. Our highly ruggedized solutions improve your understanding of the battlespace by combining advancements in size, weight, power and cost. The result: innovative situational awareness and network technologies that are designed for the tactical edge of battle.