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Tomi Kivilahti

I work as a sales engineer with components and instruments spanning DC-500GHz, towards our customers in Finland and Baltics. I am located at our sales office in Vantaa, Finland.

+358 9 727 30070


Morgan Hjelm

I work with sales to our Swedish customers north of Linköping, and towards our customers in Norway. I am also managing our sales of military systems.

+46 8 556 466 16


Håkan Nilsson

I work with sales to our Swedish customers south of Linköping. I am also taking care of sales towards our customers in Denmark. I am located at our sales office in Gothenburg.

+46 8 556 466 14


RF enclosures are now a necessity for testing wireless devices. The dbSAFE offers unmatched isolation in its class; up to 100dB* from 300MHz to 13GHz.


Isolate test envidbMAXronments from unwanted signals. The dbSAFE is an RF enclosure with a double wall design that offers the best RF shielding in its class; 100dB* isolation from 300MHz to 13GHz.
Test wireless devices in a cost-effective RF enclosure. The double wall design guarantees more than 100dB of isolation that is required for testing emerging low-power wireless devices. RF connections are made with minimum path loss to ensure higher RF quality.
Adapt the dbSAFE to your test requirements. In addition to having three standard sizes, the dbSAFE can also be manufactured to any size. The fi eld upgradeable custom I/O panel offers fl exible testing options for different applications. The dbSAFE can also be confi gured for thermal testing.

Industry Requirements

The technology trend is to squeeze higher frequency and more functionality into a lower power and smaller chip area, making the device more susceptible to interference. A higher data rate in communication between new wireless devices mandates improved shielding for RF enclosures. Testing in RF shielded rooms can be expensive, while a cost effective and portable RF enclosure is an ideal solution. Different wireless standards exist today and Strict shielding regulations are dictated by industry and government. Different wireless technologies co-exist on the same device, requiring multiple access points to the DUT. Products have shorter and shorter life spans so the test equipment used must be fl exible, adaptable, and reused whenever possible

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